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Lipstick on the Glass

Can you blame a girl for needing a drink? I’m sleeping with my ex, to his fiancée's chagrin, I can’t afford a house, let alone hold a job for six months. Oh well, the American Dream of life, liberty, and prosperity wasn’t meant for a girl like me anyway.

James, my current boss– at least until the “department goes in a different direction” or “my position has been downsized,”– is beginning to understand the need to reach for a bottle himself after he sees everyone ignore the oh-so-pious morals and principles he holds dear and still get ahead.

Our life crises of too much vodka, toxic exes, and noisy neighbors are definitely affecting our job, and the cracks in our facade of being functioning adults are beginning to show.

Published I TBD

Half-Empty Glass

Lipstick on the Glass Book 2

Published | TBD

Combined, Julia and James have survived bank robberies, AA meetings, being lost in the woods, and Eastern European escorts, but will the two survive loving each other?  Will their bond be strong enough to handle diverging career paths, ignore temptation, and prevent relapses?  In this sequel to Lipstick on the Glass, the story of the unlikely coupling of James Harnell and Julia Wynter continues as they navigate through their happily ever after.

Bottom of the Glass

Lipstick on the Glass Book 3

Published | TBD

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