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Beta Reading

A read-through of your unreleased first draft from a reader's perspective by a decade-long writer who does not have the emotional labor of love connection to the piece. The read-through includes written specific line-by-line commentary on the story’s structure, pacing, consistency, and advice on better developing the characters and filling in plot holes. The feedback is given with the goal of helping the story to emotionally and intellectually impact its intended target audience. An hour-long discussion via telephone or video conference on the feedback will accompany the written notes.

PRICING: $25 per 5000 words ($0.0005 per word)


Submit your manuscript via email at or

mail a printed copy to:


JDW Press Attn: H.A. Worthington

104 East Ave.

Rochester, NY 14604

The service does not include: releasing your work publicly or privately to any unauthorized parties, changing of the author’s voice, grammatical corrections, rewriting or reformatting of your story, or publishing.

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How it Works

Office Desk

Email or mail a copy of the agreed upon word count of your manuscript. 

Checking Text on a Document

I read your work and give specific feedback on what I believe can be approved upon to make your story's vision connect better with your audience. 

Executive Making a Phone Call

Via telephone or video conference we discuss the feedback and written notes.

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