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I know you have a story to tell. But insecurity and self-doubt may have you struggling to put pen to paper because you don’t know where to start, if what you’re writing makes any sense, or is even any good.

From writing for over a decade myself, I understand not wanting to share my work out of fear of rejection. I would leave plotlines stagnant for years because I didn’t believe I had the skills to transport a reader into my story narratively. I overcame my hesitancy by avidly reading novels and writing reference books, attending seminars, and joining writers' groups. My journey taught me that writing is a methodical process, and I want to share the road map to that process with you. This is why I host critique meetings, author interviews, and other workshops and offer beta-reading to create a supportive and constructive resource and community to help myself improve and you as well.

I believe that words make worlds and want to help you bring readers into the one you are trying to create. Stop struggling to put pen to paper, fearing negative feedback, or waiting for a muse to find you. Improve your writing skills by reading the blog to learn methods for fine-tuning your first draft into a captivating narrative. Join the supportive community that makes up the Meet & Critique writers group to get the constructive feedback you need to make your book the best version of itself.  Invest in one-on-one developmental editing and let me help you build worlds with your words and grow your confidence through competence.


Hope Ashley Worthington is the author of The Lipstick on the Glass trilogy and administrator for the Meet and Critic writers' group

While always a writer, Worthington previously has had careers in marketing, sales, finance, English as a second language, city government, and commercial painting. The culmination of experiences have helped shape the journeys of her characters. 

When not working on her own novels and blogs, Worthington works as a marketing consultant and developmental editor; assisting other writers to develop their stories. 

After living everywhere from US Territories, to South Korea and Chile, Worthington currently lives in her adopted hometown of Rochester, New York, USA. 

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